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BOTOX is a popular choice at our Chico, Yuba City, and Oroville, California, med spas for minimizing pesky fine lines such as crow’s feet and worry lines that can add years to your appearance. BOTOX has earned its status as the world’s most-performed cosmetic treatment by producing consistently excellent anti-aging results when injected by highly skilled providers. Rejuvené is your local source for the best BOTOX experience, starting with answers to your questions about BOTOX, such as cost, recovery, treatment areas, and more.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic
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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

BOTOX® Cosmetic
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BOTOX® Cosmetic Before & After Photos

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What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX and similar products, such as Dysport®, work by relaxing specific muscles responsible for lines or wrinkles. These “expression lines” or dynamic wrinkles associated with repeated facial movements such as squinting, smiling, frowning, or elevating the brows, develop gradually throughout our lives.

What Does BOTOX Treat?

BOTOX treats an array of lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions (dynamic wrinkles), which first appear in our late 20s or early 30s. These include:

  • Crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes
  • Worry lines between the eyebrows (11s)
  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles

Other cosmetic uses for BOTOX include jawline slimming, reducing the appearance of “bunny lines” on the bridge of the nose, and minimizing a dimpled appearance on the chin.

Do BOTOX Injections Hurt?

The needles we use for BOTOX injections are extremely thin and cause a brief twinge during the treatment. Patients may ask to have a topical numbing cream applied about 30 minutes before their procedure if they have a low tolerance for discomfort.

What Is Recovery Like After BOTOX Injections?

Patients rarely need any downtime following their BOTOX appointments and can return to work or other regular activities immediately after leaving Rejuvené.

We do advise patients to avoid:

  • Lying down during the first 90 minutes after the procedure. Keeping your head elevated minimizes the risk of having BOTOX spread before it binds to the targeted muscle.
  • Exercising for 24 hours. Raising your heart rate increases circulation, which can also result in BOTOX spreading from the injection site.
  • Rubbing the treatment area for 4 hours. Again, we want to avoid anything that may disperse the medication away from the targeted muscles.

Bruising is always possible after injections, but patients can reduce the risk of bruising by avoiding blood-thinning products during the week before their appointments. These include alcohol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), like aspirin and ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E supplements.

How Long Does It Take To See BOTOX Results?

The results of BOTOX injections typically take 5 to 7 days or more to appear, so be sure to schedule in advance of any special events. The timeline varies for each patient and differs based on the treatment areas and the amount of BOTOX used to produce the desired outcomes.

Dr. Hodari schedules follow-up treatments with BOTOX patients 2 weeks after their injections to ensure they’re highly satisfied with their results.

Can You Combine BOTOX With Dermal Fillers?

We often recommend combining BOTOX with injections of dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® products to address different types of wrinkles. While BOTOX effectively treats dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movements, fillers replenish volume that’s lost as part of the natural aging process. The areas where we use fillers include the cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, and under the eyes. Often called a liquid facelift, the overall results produced by combining BOTOX and filler injections can be quite remarkable.

What’s a BOTOX Lip Flip?

A BOTOX “lip flip” is a lip enhancement treatment performed with BOTOX instead of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers add volume to the lips, instantly making them fuller and more defined (if desired). The lip flip involves injecting microdoses of BOTOX to relax the muscles controlling the upper lip. Within a few days, the upper lip rolls upward (flips) just enough to create a more youthful, fuller look.

Can I Add Other Med Spa Services to My Treatment Plan?

Definitely! In addition to pairing BOTOX with filler injections, patients often have one or more of the following options for a more extensive facial rejuvenation:


How much does BOTOX cost?

The cost of BOTOX treatments depends on the injection site or sites and the amount of BOTOX needed. Even though cost is an important consideration for virtually all patients, Dr. Hodari advises patients not to shop for the cheapest provider. An injector without adequate training or experience can often lead to disappointing results or unwanted side effects.

How long do BOTOX results last?

It typically takes about 3 to 4 months for the effects of BOTOX to wear off. Scheduling periodic treatment sessions can help maintain the results over an extended period of time. Studies show that regularly scheduled treatments tend to gradually lengthen the duration of results.

Is there any way to make BOTOX last longer?

It may help to have treatments consistently, keeping the treated muscles from becoming fully functional between treatments. For optimal results, follow your post-care instructions carefully.

Can BOTOX prevent wrinkles?

Using BOTOX in your mid-to-late-20s before fine lines appear—a technique often called “preventative BOTOX”—is an effective way to postpone, if not prevent, the development of wrinkles. By limiting muscle movements that crease the skin, fine lines take longer to appear.

Is BOTOX better than JUVÉDERM or other dermal fillers?

Neither is better than the other for facial rejuvenation, they just treat different issues. BOTOX treats wrinkles that develop from repeated muscle contractions. JUVÉDERM adds or replaces volume in the face and lips.

What happens if you stop getting BOTOX injections?

Without regular BOTOX injections, wrinkles will gradually return or begin developing if you were using BOTOX proactively.

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