Halo® Skin Rejuvenation

Halo produces transformative results without the downtime associated with other intense laser skin resurfacing treatments. At our Chico, CA, med spa, we use Halo to reverse sun damage and customize procedures to be more or less aggressive, depending on your unique needs.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Halo Treatments?

Most people see their skin lose its youthful glow due to sun exposure and the body’s natural aging process. Earlier generations of lasers couldn’t effectively treat this damage because their wavelengths penetrated either too superficially or too deeply. Halo can reverse years of damage by precisely targeting the right depth to restore the luminous glow you used to have. Halo is an excellent option for treating hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and rough skin texture and is typically used on the face, neck, décolletage, arms, hands, and legs.

“My experience at Rejuvené  was so uplifting, the staff made me feel like a queen. I’m 64 years old with rosacea and many years of sun damage from too much time spent at the beach.  After having the Halo treatment, my rosacea and sun spots are much lighter, and my skin is smooth and glowing. The downtime was only a couple of days and the results and experience changed the way I look and feel about myself.”

– Cindy M.

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How Does the Halo Laser Work?

Halo is a hybrid fractional laser—meaning it combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths that target both the top layer of your skin and the deeper tissue underneath the surface for a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment. Fractional lasers such as Halo create pinpoint channels in the skin while leaving surrounding areas intact, shortening the recovery time to just a few days compared to a couple of weeks for other laser skin resurfacing treatments.

Halo’s two wavelengths repair signs of aging and sun damage—discoloration, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone—on your skin’s surface while heating the tissue below the surface to stimulate collagen production for firmer, smoother skin over time. Combining the two wavelengths minimizes healing time without sacrificing results.

The benefits of a Halo laser skin rejuvenation treatment include:

  • Customizable treatment to precisely target skin damage
  • Improvement in the appearance of tone, texture, and fine lines
  • Reduced pore size and increased reflectivity and glow
  • Flexibility in treatment levels and downtime

And most patients see initial results—the Halo glow—in as few as 5 to 7 days.

What Happens During Recovery?

During the first few hours after a Halo treatment, patients can expect to feel a slight stinging sensation that ice packs can soothe. Peeling, flaking, itching, swelling, and redness are all normal on the first day after the treatment. Brown spots may darken during the first 2 days before the skin begins healing and the improved skin texture and tone become noticeable.

“Megan was the nurse who did my Halo treatment.  She was reassuring, professional and kind.  I felt informed at every step of the process and found that the “down time” afterward was not at all difficult.  I decided on Halo to remove damage from my skin, but i have found it has other benefits.  I no longer suffer from dryness and my skin both looks and feels healthier.”

-Cynthia W.

Frequently Asked Questions About Halo

How long do results last?

The results of Halo laser treatments can last for a few years if you minimize sun exposure by using sunscreen daily, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and wearing long-sleeved shirts. You can also enhance and extend your results by using medical-grade skincare products and getting periodic facials.

Are there alternatives to Halo?

Yes, at Rejuvené med spa we offer a range of laser and light-based skin rejuvenation procedures so we can match the most effective treatment to your specific needs. These include ProFractional® laser resurfacing, BBL® PhotoFacial, and Clear+Brilliant® laser treatments.

How much do Halo treatments cost?

The cost of Halo treatments depends on the treatment area or areas and the patient’s goals. Even though cost is an important consideration for virtually all patients, Dr. Hodari advises patients not to shop for the cheapest provider. Laser skin treatments performed by inadequately trained or inexperienced providers can often lead to disappointing results or unwanted side effects.

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