ProFractional® Laser Resurfacing

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to nonsurgical skin procedures. At our Chico, CA, med spa, patients have access to a range of laser skin rejuvenation treatments. The ProFractional laser at Rejuvené treats sun-damaged and aging skin without the downtime associated with more aggressive—but less predictable—CO2 lasers.

What Is ProFractional Laser Resurfacing?

For years, CO2 laser technology remained the only viable option for skin resurfacing. The aggressive procedure effectively treated wrinkles, scars, and sun-damaged skin, but it often involved unwanted side effects, such as longer recovery times and skin discoloration. Because these issues occurred frequently, we never offered this laser treatment at Rejuvené.

Instead, Rejuvené offers the ProFractional laser, representing a major advancement in laser skin rejuvenation technology. The laser selectively targets only a fraction of the skin’s surface, creating microscopic channels into the deeper layers of the skin. The heat generated by the laser destroys damaged and aged tissue while avoiding surrounding tissue. These areas of untreated skin stimulate the body’s natural healing process while the controlled injuries stimulate the production of new collagen. This process dramatically improves the skin’s appearance and texture without the discomfort or extended recovery time associated with other CO2 lasers.

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What Are the Benefits of ProFractional Laser Treatments?

ProFractional laser skin treatments offer our Chico patients benefits ranging from subtle to dramatic. Those include:

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin elasticity and texture
  • Reduction of pigmentation, including age spots
  • Diminished scars
  • More vibrant, healthy-looking skin

Our laser providers can customize ProFractional laser treatments based on skin tone, skin type, and a patient’s specific skin concerns by choosing the power and depth of laser energy delivery. 

Can You Combine ProFractional Laser Treatments With Other Procedures?

At Rejuvené, we can combine ProFractional laser treatments with multiple options. For example, our Encore Elite system consists of a BBL® PhotoFacial, a MicroLaserPeel®, and a Profractional resurfacing all in one session. This combination enhances the outcome of your treatment. We can adjust treatments in many ways to meet each individual’s needs and skin restoration goals. Appropriate for use on all skin types and colors, ProFractional laser resurfacing is one of the best choices you can make for quality skin rejuvenation.

How Much Do ProFractional Laser Skin Treatments Cost?

The cost of ProFractional laser treatments depends on several factors, including the treatment area or areas, if you choose to combine the treatment with other procedures, and the experience and training of the provider. We provide you with a detailed price quote following your consultation. Even though the cost is a factor for most patients when choosing a provider, it’s important to understand that laser treatments pose a greater chance of complications when performed by an inadequately trained provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a ProFractional laser treatment hurt?

Our providers apply a topical numbing cream before the procedure begins to numb the treatment area. Once the area is numb, the provider gently passes the handheld laser device across the skin as the laser pulses. Patients describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.

What should I expect during the recovery?

The recovery time needed after a ProFractional laser treatment depends on the intensity of your treatment and the depth of the laser penetration. Fresh, healthy skin emerges over time, and it’s important to use gentle skincare products during this time. You should apply moisturizing ointment and sunscreen daily, and you should avoid direct sun exposure until the area is completely healed.

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